Taking a swim in your grape juice instead of drinking it is the best wrinkle remedy in town. The secret actually lies in the grape seed. It’s the poly phenols that get in through your skin and help your body tight off all those nasty free radicals. This is food for the skin. Anything you put onto your skin – the largest organ in your body – is absorbed into the bloodstream. In fact, your skin will eat sixty per cent of anything you smear onto it, so you’d better make it wholesome.


Specially created with a Thai recipe, using a blend of herbs spices for effective cleanser and skin softener while the body conditioner further nourishes the skin. Experience a sense of deep relaxation with Thai reflexology. Last but not the least a luxurious four layer facial to give your skin youthful freshness and vitality.


Discover holistic indulgence with an all -natural spa experience which pamper you and cares for the environment at the same time, the goodness of fruit exfoliate which softens and clears the skin as it cleanses ,purify and tightens the pores .Imne lines are smoothened and skin elasticity is improved.

VEDA SPA (1-2 Hrs.)

Silverine Veda Spa is an exotic signature spa package, which offers traditional body treatment from the Vedas relying on nature’s own pharmacopoeia to produce glow. This spa not only cleanses and softens you skin but also draws out impurities from within. It consists of four step rituals which are inspired by traditional Asian healing therapies; Silverine day spa combines this with its range of signature spa treatment to introduce a section of SILVERINE SPA VEDA SIGNATURES TO RESTORE YOUR NATURAL BALANCE OF ENERGIES, LEAVING YOU IN A RENEWED SENSE OF BILSS!


Wake your sleepy cells beneath the epidermis skin layer with our special blend of ingredients. Skin elasticity is restored and thirsty sin is quenched with this skin rejuvenation treatment, suitable for all skin types. A complete head to toe Silverine’s Signature Spa with the secret of legendary beauty to allow you to pamper, rejuvenate and revitalize your body, mind and soul.

Rich and Creamy Whitening radiance (180 MINUTES SESSION)

Relax while allowing your skin to soak in the natural goodness of milk cream and honey, meant to detoxify and polish the skin taking away the ugly/unpleasant sunburns, scars and tan. Regain the bloom with this beauty regime specifically tailored for those seeking clearer, luminous complexion.


Indulge in your choice of top to toe treats beginning with foot soak, and body spa. A choice of soothing facial treatment completes the experience. Your ancestors knew it, so did Silverine. Simple solutions from head to toe to spark your heart and warm the soul.